A. Duvall

My name is Ana and I am a Baltimore-based photographer. I've mastered the art of transforming fleeting moments into timeless treasures. Let me capture the joy of your wedding day, the love of your family, the professionalism of your headshot, or the essence of your event. I believe photography is more than just images; it's about preserving emotions and creating a lasting legacy.


Timeless Style

Timeless photography is a wedding photography style that focuses on capturing the natural beauty and emotion of your special day. Timeless photographers use classic techniques to create images that will look just as stunning decades from now. Timeless photos are not only beautiful, but they also capture the true essence of your wedding day. If you are looking for wedding photography that is both classic and authentic, then timeless photography is the perfect choice for you.

A Decade of Experience

The best wedding photos are the ones where the couples are completely relaxed and unaware of the camera. I strive to be as invisible as possible on the wedding day, so that I can capture the genuine moments and emotions of the day. I believe that the best wedding photos are the ones that are authentic and natural. I use minimal post-processing to enhance my photos and never over-edit them.

Engagement shoot for couple at the John Hopkins Peabody Library. Mount Vernon Baltimore Maryland
Engagement shoot for couple in Roland Park Baltimore Maryland
Proposal at Johns Hopkins Peabody Library. Engagement Shoot Mount Vernon Baltimore Maryland
Girl twirls in portrait in Roland Park Baltimore Maryland
Engagement photoshoot with couple. Pre wedding photoshoot. Maryland
Wedding welcome entrance. Wedding photography. Maryland
Bride and groom alter wedding. Wedding photography Maryland
Bright classic wedding photo shows couple in front of lake. Wedding photographer
Engagement shoot with couple in Roland Park Baltimore Maryland
Cute engagement proposal idea. Dog with sign. Engagement Fells Point Baltimore
Wedding photography image of a couple and their wedding bands. Maryland